Product Review: Sephora 3 in 1 Extractor

Pimples are disgusting to look at and can mess up the appearance of the most intricate makeup looks. But if you’re a freak like me, behind closed doors you are a pimple popping addict. That’s right I love to pop pimples…and the bigger the better.

That’s why, when I got my hands on the 3 in 1 Extractor from the Sephora Collection is was a game changer.

I have combination skin and suffer all skin issues. The problem with popping pimples before left my skin red and flaky. I found with the introduction of this tool it prevented the flakiness of the breakout.

This extractor is great for getting all of the bacteria out of the pore in one go. Thus drastically speeding up the healing time of a pimple.

I have found that the number of new pimples I have been decreasing. This is because I’m not spreading bacteria on my face by taking multiple goes to squeeze zits with my fingers.

The 3 in 1 extractor retails for $29 CAD on the Sephora Website. The flat white head side works amazing and I can’t say anything negative about it.

However, that can’t be said for the wired blackhead side as I have to extract a blackhead with it. The lance is large on this device, either works well or agitates the skin. I prefer to use my own lance (a tapestry needle) over the extractor.

I feel the price is great for this tool. I’ve had great success with the white head side, and this is becoming a Holy Grail tool in my skincare routine.


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