Monochromatic Cat Eye


Just another day of fooling around with Urban Decay shades. I was trying to do the perfect cat eye but unfortunately, my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper died. So my eyeliner is half powder and half Kat Von D.

In terms of shading, this gradient monochromatic eye was simple to do. With Oilslick, (the black I used) to shade my crease and line the tip of my cat eye you just have to be patient and tap it into the crease in small doses. This is a really easy shade to get heavy handed with.


Products used were…

Roadstripe as the inner eye highlight.

Anonymous as the overall shade.

Shallow as the inner lid shade.

Suspend as my middle transition shade.

Oilslick as my eyeliner and darkest shade.

Eyeliner is Kat Von D in the shade Trooper.

Mascara is Urban Decay’s Perversion.



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