Pro Make-up Tips: The Make-up Sponge

The make-up sponge has been revolutionary in the application of a flawless face. The streakiness left behind from brushes is no more, as this tool can buff any unevenness. Below are some tips on the best uses in your make-up routine.

Image result for make up sponges

Make sure its damp.

I feel like most people know this, however looking back I had no idea that you had to damp your sponge.

The dry sponge did allow for a full coverage finish but was not able to get in any flat areas. A damp sponge is key when working around the eye areas and nostrils to pack any product to prevent creasing over wear.

Building up coverage.

The proper away to build up coverage (not with a dry sponge) is to buff out product in thin layers. Just keep in mind that the sponge will make you a bit red from bouncing it on your face.

If there is any extra product left on the sponge; remember you can always blend down your neck.

Working with powders.

Baking has become a must do method for apply a concealer. Once you have buffed your concealer in with the same  damp sponge, place some loose setting powder under the eyes  and let it rest.

For long wear.

Once you have placed setting powder on your face, bounce the damp sponge up and down. Take special care of of areas around your nostrils and chin as this method is great for preventing oil break through.

This is a great method to pack powder on your face for  those days require longer wear. This is also a great method for obtaining a matte look.




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