Product Review: Freeman Sweet Tea and Lemon Peel Off Mask

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The Freeman Sweet Tea and Lemon Peel Off Mask can be found at most drugstores. I picked this up at a large Wal-Mart for $4.97 CAD.

This product claims to “pull pore clogging grime” from the face–NOT blackheads like other peel off masks.

When opening the package, users will notices a strong odor of alcohol and lemons. This product does in fact have alcohol in it and may be drying to some skin types.

The product is a milky orange substance with a sticky silicone feel to it. Users are urged to avoid areas with hair and for a good reason. This mask will pull your hair out at removal. I accidentally got this on my side burns and this ripped it out.

But the waxing didn’t stop there.

The Freeman Sweet Tea Mask actually removed my peach fuzz resulting in infected hair follicles and pinhead acne occurring days after use.

Final Thoughts?

For what it is I would rather save my money. I have tried other freeman masks that were a positive experience. This one is simply a miss.

In the end I can not say that the Freeman Sweet Tea Mask benefited my skin in anyway. When pulling it off my face I could merely see the vast hair removal and nothing aside from that.

After doing 10 applications over a month and a half I noticed in increase in pinhead acne and infected hair follicles that may have been ripped out by this product. On a positive note this does leave your face feeling temporarily refreshed.




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