Product Review: NYX Soft Mattes

It seems like whenever you see a post involving a lip stick collection these days, there’s one item that is consistently there.

The NYX Soft Mattes are a staple in most people’s lip collections. They are affordable lip products retailing for $9.00 CAD through I picked mine up at Shopper’s Drug Mart.

Image result for NYX Soft MAttes

People who dread matte products should not be turned off of these. Even though they are named as “mattes” these do not try down completely thus offering comfort.

The NYX Soft Mattes come in a plastic tube with a doe foot applicator. There is 0.27 Fl.oz in this product.

There seem to be some consistency issues with the formulation of this product. For instance, I had the shades in Monte Carlo (red) and Transylvania (dark brown-purple).

I have no complaints about Monte Carlo but Transylvania no matter how you layered it was a streaky and patchy mess.

Final Thoughts?

These are great because they are affordable. If you’re not a matte or liquid lipstick kind of person then these will meet you half way.

The Soft Mattes are great for days that you are just running out for a couple hours.

It’s easy to see why these would a staple in any collectors brood.

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