Chapter 1: Have You Worked In A Hotel Before?

Have you ever worked in a hotel before?

This question, although simple holds significance in the hotel industry. It seems like no matter what kind of property you work at anywhere in the world, there will be one questions you will be asked over and over again. Have you worked in a hotel before?

Have you worked in a hotel before?

It took me a long time to understand why my co-workers were so concerned with my experience or lack of when I was starting out. As time went on, I watched as many new hires got drilled with this question. Then I switched properties and  it became a broken record from every new person I met “Have you worked in a hotel before?”

It took a long time to realize that my co-workers weren’t interested in my resume. They were more concern with my integrity if s*** hit the fan–and it will.

In the front of house hotels occur to be well-oiled machines, but behind the scene, that’s a completely different story. Often you will find yourself in questionable situations that no one told you about or trained you for.

If I  were to break it down it would look like 50% emergency response, 20% service recovery, and 30% full moon syndrome. Working in a hotel is far more than check in, check out, and housekeeping services.

At the end of it all, you question your problem-solving skills, your morals, and most of all your integrity.

You ask yourself why do I continue to work in this industry?

For some, this is too much and they throw in the towel. A new hire comes along to take their place and the cycle starts all over again. When introducing yourself you ask them “Have you worked in a hotel before?”

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