Chapter 2: Trapped 46 Floors Above

There are some things in a hotel that are routine. For myself doing a room show was one of them.

In Niagara Falls, people come from all over the world to pay a ridiculous amount of money for a Fallsview room. Guest will go from hotel to hotel to see the different angles of each property.

What happens when a piece of equipment decides to malfunction on the 46th floor when doing a room show? For most, it’s their ultimate fear, including mine.


I got a call to do a room showing for a Mother and her young Daughter. They had come from Latin America with their Grandparents for a once in a lifetime vacation.

There we were riding the elevator with four other individuals. We were on our way to see a premium Fallsview junior suite on the 46th floor.

As we ascend, I’m telling them all about the hotel and area attractions. The car stops on the 41st floor and a couple gets out.

We’re up next.

The car stops on the 46th floor. The door opens but only 7 inches and an awful grinding noise ensues. I smash my fists against the door as I have seen the maintenance team do many times to unstick the tracks. The other occupants get ready to try and pry the door open. I tell them not to, out of concern for their own safety. These are high-speed elevators and the doors will slam shut (coming from personal experience).

And they did.  The couple looks at me with disbelief as I just saved their lives (or body parts).

animated vintage comics iron man elevator

We hang there listening to the other elevators passing us. I start to count to thirty in my head. As I’m doing this the girl begins to get anxious asking her Mom questions.

I hit thirty and ask if everyone is okay. Everyone is fine but the Girl begins to tear up.

I count thirty again. Sometimes when there is a power issue the elevator will just stall and come back to life moments later.

No movement I call for emergency service on the elevator phone. At this particular property you speak with reservations and they decide what’s best.

As I’m on the phone with them the elevator shoots up to the 49th floor and the doors jerk open. Everyone gets out. I apologize to the couple and turn my attention to the Girl.

I give the Mother a couple minutes to talk and calm her Daughter down. We then take the stairs down three flights to see the room.

Once we finish the room showing, I get them ready to take them back down to the lobby. The Daughter starts to have a panic attack as she realizes she has to get back on the elevator. The Mother starts to speak to her and calm her down.

I tell her that she doesn’t have to get on the “main elevators” but I can take her on the “secret ones” instead. She shakes her head in agreement and guides them to the employee area to take the cargo elevators. In this time I give them a disclaimer that I cannot guarantee the cleanliness of the elevators as they are “staff” elevators.

After about ten minutes the elevator arrives and there is no one aboard. I can see the Mother eyeing down the car. Hand prints all over the metal lining, lettuce smashed into the metal grating, and a dirty rubber glove tucked into the corner.

After numerous stops and a full car of housekeepers, we arrived back at the lobby.

I guide them back towards the front desk.  Instead the b-line out the back door without even saying thank-you or goodbye.

This became the beginning of many elevator entrapments with guests and myself

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