Battle of the Foundation Brushes: Real Techniques vs. Lancome

In the Battle of the Foundation Brushes, I will be reviewing the Real Techniques and Lancome foundation brushes. I received both of these brushes as part of a set.

For the test, I used the same Teint Idole Foundation for a six week period on both brushes under different circumstances. Although the same product was used the end results were dramatically different.

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The Real Techniques Core Brush Collection sells for $21.99 CAD and can be purchased at Wal-Mart. The brush in this collection I will be reviewing is the Pointed Foundation Brush.

This brush is a great value for the price. The brush is synthetic and has a light wispy feel to it.

When applying foundation it did a great job to get the product distributed on your face. However,  the foundation was left with obvious streaks and brush lines. The product still needs to be buffed with a makeup sponge for a flawless finish. As well as, the brush does soak up quite a bit of product when applying.

This is a great brush if you are trying to build up coverage. As you can achieve full coverage when working in layers and a makeup sponge.

After a couple uses, crumbs began to appear in the foundation. At first, I thought this was the setting powder that was left over from my makeup sponge.  When I investigated the occurrence of this texture it was coming from the Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush.

Unfortunately, as amazing as this brush is, it does require a bit of maintenance in the cleaning department. If you’re like most ladies and only clean your brushes a couple times a month, then this budget friendly brush is not for you. For this brush to avoid foundation crumbs I recommend that you clean it after 2-3 uses.

Brush Set

The Lancome Paris en Rose Brush Set is a limited edition set that retails for $86 CAD through the Lancome Website.

The Lancome Foundation Brush #2 is a black tip synthetic brush. In comparison to the Real Technique’s brush, it is stiff, yet soft.

Upon application, the brush soaks up an appropriate amount of foundation and distributes it evenly. Brush lines are hard to see to the naked eye and with some buffing, you could easily skip the beauty blender.

My only complaint with this brush is it very difficult to build up the foundation if you are looking for more of a full coverage finish. Otherwise, this is a great investment if you are upgrading your brushes.

Who is the winner in the Battle of the Foundation Brushes. The Lancome Foundation Brush #2.

Image result for lancome

This brush is phenomenal is does not soak up and waste liquid foundation like the Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush.  It is easy to clean and does not require as much maintenance as other foundation brushes. This is a great brush if you are looking to upgrade brushes or as a present.

I must say that the Real Techniques Brush is great for those just starting out with makeup tools. The brush does require more maintenance (frequent cleanings because it does soak up more product.

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