Product Review: Eurospa Mask

In the March edition of Mask of the Month, I will be sharing with you this gem from no other than the dollar store! Or Dollarama to be more precise.

This month I tried the Eurospa Anti-Stress Heat Therapy Mask in Oatmeal (I was really tempted by the flavoured oatmeal smell, but we’re not eating it).

Image result for Eurospa Heat Therapy

This mask retails for a whopping $1.25 and comes in a squeeze sachet of 15 ml. To open the product you simply rip the corner tab off (which naturally I had difficulty doing this and product ended in my sink).

I must say this product was a bit deceiving as I only used about half of the sachet to cover my face and neck entirely.

But there’s one other issue.

The packaging shows a lady with avocado colour cream on her face but the product is nearly transparent. Why Eurospa?

The Application

Once you’re done getting product all over your sink. Work the product up to the sachet and apply directly to the face. Avoid the eyes, nose and, mouth areas.

This product is self-healing but only for a few seconds as you work it into your skin. The product is smooth but feels oily as you work it in.

There is a heavy fragrance that only reminds me of Grandma perfume drawer.

After 20 mins of letting it sit, you are to wash it off. This mask does absorb into the skin nor leave residue afterwards.

Final Thoughts?

At $1.25 this is great skin care activity. However, I’m sceptical to see any benefit to my skin. Regardless of the presence of honey and oatmeal.

The great thing about this cheap product was it did not irritate my combination. I was initially worried over the oiliness of the product. I would recommend this for all skin types.

Was it anti-stressful? Of course, anytime to take 20 mins out of your day and put some goop on your face it’s distressing.

This would be a fun thing to do as a couple or with a good friend.

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