You Don’t Need the Latest for the Greatest Eye Looks

This post isn’t going to be your traditional eye look post, more of a public service announcement. Instead, I bring to your attention that you don’t need to splurge on the newest makeup products in order to achieve the latest trendy look.

Unfortunately, the makeup industry is becoming more like the fashion industry in the sense of fast fashion.

Fast fashion is the creation of garment for the sake of putting an item on the shelf for profit. These items are made at the expense of quality (usually in 3 world factories) and follow that season trend. Fast fashion items are available at extremely discounted prices as the company is trying to flash sell the item to put the next trend on the shelf (H&M and Old Navy are guilty of this).

The makeup industry is becoming like this, and it was put front and centre with the  Jaclyn Hill X BECCA Cosmetics Scandal.

However today I am merely showing you the same look with two different palettes.

Can you tell the difference between these two looks?  Both eyes were done with different palettes.

The Point I’m Trying to get Across

We are living in a society where we are increasingly living beyond our means and the big companies know that. Before buying the new trendy $50 eyeshadow palette goes through your collection and fall back in love with something old. Save that $50 for your phone bill or save towards something big.

The market is flooded with many similar products at dramatically different prices and you don’t have to fall into the cosmetic industries consumer trap.

Can you guess what products I used in this post? What are your thoughts on fast fashion?

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4 thoughts on “You Don’t Need the Latest for the Greatest Eye Looks

  1. soulfood101blog says:

    This is such good advice. Everyone is chasing the latest and greatest styles when, like you said, if you go back trough some of your makeup, you can create most of them with what you have. I don’t wear make up, but my friends that do, will want to try the “newest” look, I look through what they have and we can always recreate it. Good advice 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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