Pro Makeup Tips: Scotch Tape vs Painter’s Tape

You probably read the title and are immediately thinking what the heck?! Makeup and home hardware?!

But trust me this post has a point and it will help even the messiest eye shadow applicators.

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The Scotch Tape Trick

If you are an avid eye shadow user then you are probably well aware of the “Scotch Tape” trick. Place a thumb size piece of scotch tape below the outer corner of the waterline to shape a wing. Dust on eyeshadow and remove when you are ready to carve out your wing.

However, this isn’t a foolproof method and there have been many products that have come along to innovate the scotch tape.

Where the scotch tape fails, is it tends to crinkle on the natural curvature around the eye. Thus leading to eyeliner bleeding and eye shadow being smeared where it was intended to prevent that.

The Painter’s Tape Trick

The painter’s tape trick is similar to the scotch tape trick. The placement of the tape is all the same with the exception that you can curate the painter’s tape to fit your unique eye shape.

I have also found that painter’s tape is less irritating and is great for those with sensitive skin, especially when it comes to peeling it off.

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Here’s Why I love this Trick

So you’ve decided you want to wear eyeshadow to go out but you blended way too far and your eyeshadow is in outer space. Take some painter’s tape and place it on the area that you want to remove the eyeshadow. Lightly press on the tape and slowly pull it up.

Be amazed at how the tape pulled up the eye shadow to give you a clean line. That’s right you can use painter’s tape to pull up eye shadow!

If you have primer on this will still work be it will take more pressure.

What do you think of this trick? Have you had any wing mishaps?

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