Product Review: Aztec Healing Clay

My New Year’s Resolution was to do a mask every week until I saw my skin clear up. One of the products I found was off of Amazon –a product that I initially thought was gimmicky, and would only make my skin worse.

I was wrong. VERY wrong.

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I was given this product as a gift because I was at wit’s end with my cystic acne. I had little hope that anything would clear it up as it was the worst state it’s ever been.

The Aztec Healing Clay is a green bentonite clay from a volcanic region (this can be from Wyoming to the Philippines). The volcanic minerals present in the product pull out impurities in the skin such as sebum.

Bentonite clay has many benefits such as immune systems support and scrubbing soils of toxins.


The way I have used this product has evolved since the early days of receiving it.

Mask #1

I would take a heaping tablespoon of the product and mix it with water in a small bowl. Stir until you have an even texture and all dry clay is absorbed.

The instructions of Aztec Healing Clay says to pack it on 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick. Which is THICK. and becomes heavy as the mask dries.

If you plan on following these instructions and really want to feel the pulsating effect does so with a water in the base, as this is the best way to build it up on your face.

Mask #2

This is my go-to way of doing the Aztec Healing Clay mask –with apple cider vinegar!!

Apple cider vinegar is acidic and the perfect PH to help fade acne scars.

When adding the apple cider vinegar to the powder in a bowl, do so gradually. WAIT for the chemical reaction (it foams up) and mix until it becomes a mousse. IF it does not become a mousse then either add more apple cider vinegar or clay.

This was is light and fluffy on the face in comparison to mask #1 and dries faster.

For scar fading benefits, do not add water to dilute the vinegar as it doesn’t burn. Even for those with sensitive skin. This way you get the full benefit of the apple cider vinegar acid neutralise scarring and hyperpigmentation.

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Final Thought?

I am so glad that I discovered this mask. It has been a hidden gem in my skin care repertoire. I really enjoy my weekly apple cider vinegar mask as it has done wonders to fade my acne scars.

I have used up my 1lb jar entirely and am excited that Aztec Healing Clay has a value size now.

That’s right you can buy Aztec Healing Clay in 2lbs  jar.

For me personally, this is ideal because I do go through it quickly with the weekly mask. I love my weekly mask as it distresses my skin and mind (20 minutes to relax while it’s drying).

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