Product Review: Black Head Pore Strip

Here we go again, another Korean beauty product from Amazon. Lately, I’ve had really good luck with charcoal masks from Amazon. So I was on the fence if I was going to be wowed by yet another charcoal mask or if the nostalgia had finally worn off.

The Black Head Pore Strip isn’t actually a pore strip like the product title says (perhaps pores strips are different in Asia?)

It is, however, a charcoal based peel off product when dried. It has similar properties to the Mask of the Month: Black Mask.

For a whopping $5 CAD you get 12 packets, but honestly, it looks like more when received. Shipping was prompt (less than 5 business days) and the items came together and sealed in a clear plastic bag in addition to being individually wrapped.

The Application

I found for best results to place this on your face after steaming or a shower to pull out blackheads (it does remove them just not a large amount like Biore Strips).

Cut a corner off the packet and squeeze onto the fingertips, place on areas of concern or all over (obviously, avoid hair unless you want to give yourself a cheap wax).

Be sure to spread in sheer even layers. Too much WILL cause dripping. IF this does happen don’t panic, wash your clothes right away with water and soap (I’m a very messy person).

When the product is dried completely lift from the bottom up.  This product doesn’t hurt when peeling up you will just feel the pulling of the skin.

Overall, the mask takes about 15-20 to dry and you can tell by the touch or if it has a sheen.

Image result for charcoal mask


I love how these are packaged individually and are great to travel with (especially after being in an airplane with dirty recycled air).

That being said, the packets make them easier to store over a tube or jar like similar products on the market.

The Black Head Pore Strip has a great price at approximately $5 CAD for 12 packets.

**Here’s a secret you can actually seal this back up with a food saver because of the packaging!!

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