Deep Blue Sea Eye Look


This was a rainy day look I did with the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette and the Urban Decay Vice XX Reloaded palette.

Because I was using cool tones as the main focus of this look I wanted to contrast it with a warm brown shade in the crease.

This look is great for green and brown eyed individuals.

Steps are as follow….

  1. With a fluffy blending brush, use the shade Peaches N Cream (Sweet Peach) and dust the lid entirely to the brow bone.
  2. Using an angled blending brush, take the shade Summer Yum (Sweet Peach) and buff into the crease going towards the inner eye.
  3. With a stiff small blending brush, place Talk Derby to Me  (Sweet Peach) in the crease and waterline. Use the “C” shape method on the upper lid.
  4. Using a flat top blending brush, pack on the shade 501(Vice XX Reloaded) on the centre lid into the inner eye. With a small detailer brush drag into the waterline.
  5. With a stiff concealer brush, line the brows and highlight with White Peach (Sweet Peach). With the same shade pat into the inner corner of the eye.
  6. Take a fluffy blending brush and highlight on top of White Peach (Sweet Peach) in the brow bone with Nectar (Sweet Peach).

I love this look because you get the highlighter on highlighter action to make the blues pop even more.

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6 thoughts on “Deep Blue Sea Eye Look

  1. madgephotographyblog says:

    Ive always liked blue eyeshadow and enjoy looking at tutorials like this one. I dont wear too much makeup and dont trust myself putting that dark of color on my lids (Its definitely a different look). I use Mary Kay because my mom is a consultant and I absolutely love what she gives me. Always like the look that Urban Decay gives off though. Nice article! Beautiful eyes!

    Liked by 1 person

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