Battle of the Setting Spray: NYX vs. Kat Von D

In the Battle of the Setting Spray, I will be testing the NYX Matte Setting Spray against Kat Von D’s Lock It Spray.

Each has a drastically different price point, but how will they perform on a 10 hour day?

You’re about the find out!

NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray

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As seen in Battle of the Drugstore Setting Sprays: Loreal vs. NYX, the NYX Setting Spray has already proven to be a winner.

Will it keep its crown against a mid range brand such as Kat Von D, who has quite the cult following?

Through the NYX website, the Matte Setting Spray retails for $8.00 USD and comes in a 3.4 fl.oz spray bottle. This bottle is the perfect size for travel.

In terms of packaging, the nozzle is easy to press down on and sprays evenly. You do get some small droplets.

When paired with concealer to hide imperfections this product makes a great adhesive to cover up.

Kat Von D Lock It Setting Spray

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I was excited when the Kat Von D Lock it Setting Spray came out. Kat Von D is a quality brand and has proven a great pick for those with oily skin and acne prone.

The Lock It Setting Spray comes in 2 sizes; 1 fl.oz for $14 USD or 4 fl. oz for $26 USD through the Kat Von D Website.

The packaging is a traditional spray bottle. The nozzle is stiff to press down and it sprays in a fine stream (I found this feature annoying). It reminded me of a Windex bottle set on “stream” instead of “spray”.

Thus, this feature makes it difficult to coat the face evenly and it was easy to waste product. On more than one occasion I sprayed too much to make sure my face was coated.

The product does have fragrance in it. It smells like fruity roses and does fade after a bit. I would not recommend this for those who have fragrance sensitivities.

I also found this product extremely drying after a couple hours. Almost in the sense that I could feel the moisture being suck out of my face. As someone with oily skin, this is a sensation that I’m not familiar with and found it almost uncomfortable.

I should point out I did experience this sensation with the NYX it was only temporary and very mild in comparison.

The Winner Is…

For the second time in a row, NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray is the Winner!

For the price, you get 3.4 fl. oz for only $8 USD. This is very affordable for everyone from high school students to makeup addicts. When compare at $18 USD for a 1 fl. oz. of the Lock-it Setting Spray this is a steal. Generally all, setting sprays have a similar formula.

This product does not have scent or odour in it and doesn’t leave you feeling dried out.

Where the Kat Von D fell short was in the price range and packaging. I found it difficult to use the spray bottle as it was a stream and not a spray. For the price range, I expect packaging that will not give me a hard time. I was left feeling that I had wasted product. A feeling you should never feel with a mid-range brand.

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