Hey! Freakshow Look

This look was inspired by the gorgeous shade Freakshow, NOT that I’m a freakshow (although some may claim that as truth).

I used the Urban Decay Vice XX Reloaded palette for this look. A great alternative would be the MAC Purples and Blues Eyeshadow Palette.

This look is great for green and brown eyes individual of all skin tones.

Now, let’s get our freak on!

Steps are as follows…

  1. With a fluffy blending brush, take the shade Anonymous and dust the lid and brow bone entirely.
  2. Using a loose blending brush, work the shade Suspend into the crease area to the inner corner. Using blending motions towards the brow bone.
  3. With a small blending brush, lightly pat Freakshow into the corner of the eye and the last 1/3 of the eye lid. With a small clean blending brush,  blend freak upward, above the eyelid. The best way to achieve this is in back a forth motions.
  4.  With some setting spray, wet the shade Asphyxia and pat onto the centre of the eyelid. With a blending brush of our choice. Blend Freakshow into Asphyxia until seamless.
  5. With a small detailer brush, blend Freakshow into the waterline.
  6. Apply a highlight of your choice into the brow bone area and clean up brow line.

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