How I Wore My Makeup in College

About a year ago I talked about How I Wore my Makeup in High School.

So I thought it would be fun to tell you how my makeup game evolved (or not) by the time college rolled around.

Makeup Tools

If you read How I Did My Makeup in High School, then you are well aware that I had no idea what makeup tools were. Brushes–no idea! Beauty Blender? Nope. That didn’t exist yet.

Instead, we had these little triangular makeup sponges that were expensive and because I was a college student you could bet that I couldn’t afford that.

So naturally, I would use a toothpick and dip into my foundation (pump jars weren’t big deal yet) and then my fingers to distribute it on my face.

For powder, I would use the powder puff that the product came with until it was caked beyond belief.

Oh and eye shadow you can bet that I used the sponge stick until it was fossilised.

The Products

The Face

When I was in college it was a simpler time. The benefits of moisturiser as a makeup base were little known.

Even more shocking to some may be that primers didn’t exist yet.

So how did I prep my face for makeup? Answer: I really didn’t.

I would wash my face and then immediately put on my foundation. What kind of foundation you may ask?

Well, the Covergirl Oil Control Foundation!

Image result for Oil control foundation

This product was cheap, and always on sale.  Therefore it was ideal for college students.

I would dip a tooth pick into the jar and dot my face followed by fingers to blend it in. If you think I blended this onto neck to create a seamless transition–think again.

I would just casually cruise around campus with harsh lines below my jaw.

To “set” my face I would use the matching Covergirl Oil Control Powder.

Image result for Oil control powder

I don’t know what was with this powder but it would oxidise the foundation in a caked mess. But I was a sucker for anything oil control so if it worked for my oily skin then hey.


Image result for almay eyeshadow for green eyes

Almay never gets enough credit but these eyeshadow trios are amazing!

Once again this is in the time before primers, so it simply washed your face and straight to the product.

That being said the Almay Intense I-Colour is an extraordinary product because I could wear these on its own for 5 hours before it would crease on my oily lids.

Oh, and that little sponge wand the product came with.

Yeah, I would use that for every application for all shades.

Image result for almay green eyes eyeliner

For eyeliner, I would use the same Almay Intense I-Colour in the shade raisin for maximum emphasise.

This product did take a minute to let dry, so eye lid transfer was a frequent occurrence.

That being said this eyeliner would last a full 8-9 hour day on its own and did not breakdown with the oiliness of my eyes.

I would etch out the inner corner to outer corner in a thick arc like a cartoon character. The good news is unless you were really close you would be able to tell because this eyeliner was pretty modest.

How did you do your makeup in college? Let me know in the comments and don’t be afraid to give this post a like.

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4 thoughts on “How I Wore My Makeup in College

  1. denisemily says:

    Thank you for posting this!! I remember that Cover Girl clean liquid makeup that smelled like Noxzema with the matching powder and the cakiness was unreal lol. I always used the Cover Girl Lipslicks and the eyeshadow trio in Shimmering Sands before I knew anything about brushes and blending!

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