Smoked Copper Cut Crease Look


It’s been ages since I’ve done a cut crease so I figured it was time to do one for you guys. So today I am giving you this Smoked Copper Cut Crease Look.

For this look, I used the Urban Decay Vice XX reloaded palette. If you don’t have this palette, the Morphe 35O is a great alternative.

Steps are as follows…

  1. Using a fluffy blending brush and coat the lid entirely to brow bone using the shade Anonymous.
  2. With a pencil brush, cut out the cut crease with the shade Suspend from inner eye to outer eye. Use the tale of your eye brow for guidance and natural eyelid to determine the shape of the cut crease.
  3. With a fluffy tapered blending brush, blend Suspend into the brow bone.
  4. Using concealer of your choice, and a small detailer brush, coat the lid up to the line of the cut crease.
  5. Lightly pat on the shade Moonflower on top of the concealer. I recommend using a small panel brush for this. With the same brush place below the waterline.
  6. With a concealer brush, highlight the brow Bone and the inner corner of the eye with shade Midnight Cowboy.

There you have this Smoked Copper Cut Crease.

What do you think of this? Let me know in the comments below and don’t be afraid to give this look a like!

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7 thoughts on “Smoked Copper Cut Crease Look

  1. Charmon Writings says:

    The tip is appreciated. I’ve never worn much makeup because I’ve never been taught how to apply it. I love MAC colors because of the great variety of hues! Can you recommend any other line that offers good quality – and a less expensive cost?

    Liked by 1 person

    • amt07 says:

      Honestly, when it comes to eyeshadow formulas they are all over the place. Elf, Colourpop, and Morphe are some affordable brands that come to mind who have reformulated their shadows in the last year for the better.

      If you are looking to spend a little more Urban Decay is great if you like “drier” formulas. Too Faced is great if you like pigment and Anastasia Beverly Hills has both of these qualities.

      Sorry if this doesn’t help you with what you are looking for. 😦


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