Chapter 6: The Cordoned Surprise

I have worked in hospitality for way too long!  I thought I could have been put in every situation possible.

Then you get a situation that makes you laugh and shake your head at.

This is one of those situations.

Image result for hotel surprised

It is no secret that hotel rooms are the scene of numerous explicit activities. However, do to the hotels taking cuts where ever possible. This meant that there were fewer housekeepers and more work, resulting in a few corners being cut, and a couple dollars saved.

You can already see where this is going.

I got a call on a particularly busy day in the 4-star hotel that I worked at.

The front desk called me in there particularly normal yet disorganized fashion. I was assisting a family with a room move however they failed to tell me why.

I arrived on the families floor, knocked on the door, and announced myself as “Guest Services”.

The Father answered the door, in an almost breathless fashion. I could see the concern on his face.

I asked if they were ready to go to their new room. The Father cut me off and asked me if I wanted to come in to see “it”.

As a young female normally I would not go into a guests’ room alone. However, since it was a family of 4 I deemed it safe. Part of me wanted to see what “it” was.

Image result for hotel rooms

The walked in the two room suite. Through the first bedroom past the bathroom and into the second bedroom. I immediately noticed the family had turned the sofa bed around to cordon off the corner of the room.

The Mother told the Kids to go into the next room. The Father said he “didn’t know what to do and he didn’t want his kids to touch it”.

My heart is racing as I’m mentally preparing myself for some sort of animal or even dead animal.

The Father asks me to take pictures for the front desk. I just happened to have had my phone on me and comply with his request.

I have my camera phone out and slowly push the sofa bed away from the corner of the room. I’m clenched up in case something jumps out at me.

Then there “it” was.

A used condom cordoned off in the corner of the room. Mentally I breathe a sigh of relief. This is a normal occurrence, something that happens at least once a day. But I could tell the family was obviously disturbed by this.

I apologize and get them in their new room. I go back downstairs and follow up with the front desk and get the family a partial refund for when they checked out.

Like I said this was a common occurrence. Drunk people will whip the condom in the corner of the room. The next day they have no recollection since the housekeepers are on a strict (I mean very strict quota). They don’t think to check every nook and cranny when they’re just trying to cover the basics of the room.

In this case, the family just happened to find a used condom beside the sofa bed and under the curtain.

What hotel stories do you have? Let me know in the comments and don’t be afraid to give this post a like!

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 6: The Cordoned Surprise

  1. Sana says:

    I don’t have many adventurous finds {luckily} in hotel rooms. But my kids, unfortunately, have vomited on a fair share of them! I feel so bad telling the staff we need the sheets changed, etc. Thankfully, there haven’t been any nasty comments in return!

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  2. leigh1980 says:

    I work on the Front desk is a hotel in a Canadian ski resort and have had some interesting things happen.
    • A pair of handcuffs that housekeeping had missed was handed to me once
    • One time a local man had no recollection of checking into the hotel and walked home without his shoes sometime during the night. It was Winter so around -20! He returned the next day confused so we gave him the room for half price.
    • We had a very ‘amorous’ couple in the hot tub one night and about halfway through they spotted the camera and threw a towel over it!
    • A drunk driver crashed his truck into the front of the hotel one night
    There are heaps of other stories and plenty more to come I bet!

    Liked by 1 person

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